Our design

At the heart of Newil&Bau is our five pillared design philosophy which is based on comprehensive and detailed design. Both, new built homes and renovated buildings are designed in accordance with the quality criteria of our philosophy, and the implementation is assured by our quality control concept. Therefore, when you buy an N&B Home, you can be sure that every detail has been thought out and finished accordingly.


High-quality architecture that honours the identity of the area


High quality landscape design that completes the architecture


Interior design based on the harmony of details


Amenities and services that make everyday life easier


Lowest carbon footprint in the market

High-quality architecture that honours the identity of the area

The location and the area’s identity create the foundation for the design. Therefore, we begin the design process by familiarising ourselves with the milieu, the existing architecture and the history of the area.

This is the reason why the first step in any N&B Home is to choose the architect that is most suitable for the unique location. A building designed by a designated architect is appropriate for its environment and its aesthetics can stand the test of time.


High quality landscape design that completes the architecture

Good everyday life is not limited to the walls of the home. Beauty and functionality are important factors that guide the work of our landscape architects who give the home the finishing touches by integrating the buildings into their environment and creating outdoor spaces for pleasant everyday life.

The key functions include pleasant hangout areas with planting areas and a more functional area suitable for games and activities. The landscape architecture is supplemented by lighting that suits the concept and provides the yard with a pleasant atmosphere, even during the darker hours.


Interior design based on the harmony of details

We do not make compromises when it comes to design. The same applies to the interior design and details of apartments and common spaces.

Our interior designers have created harmonious ready solutions that you can combine to create the final overall look of your apartment. You can use the simple interior design selector to compare the apartment’s options for its general look, floors, and kitchen and bathroom looks and choose the combination that suits you the best.



Residential services that make everyday life easier

Functionality is elegance. All N&B Homes have a selection of practical and functional services. Things such as a mudroom equipped with a shower and a bicycle maintenance point, and communal cars and bicycles make everyday life a little easier.


The lowest carbon footprint in the market

Our objective is to have the lowest carbon footprint in the market. We minimise the carbon footprint of a building’s construction and life cycle with optimised design solutions.

With life-cycle-optimised solutions and economical material selections, we achieve life cycle emissions that are over a third lower than the emissions of a building constructed with ordinary methods.

Low energy costs also mean more affordable housing costs.