N&B Mortgage challenges the traditional mortage

Making the biggest investment decision in a person’s life always requires a successful financing method. N&B Mortgage is a simple, affordable and flexible way to finance the purchasing of a new apartment. As a financial product its terms and conditions are better than in a traditional mortgage.
The terms of N&B Mortgage when compared to a traditional mortgage:

● Monthly installment and loan period that is suitable for you
● Smaller down-payment (15% of the debt-free price)
● More affordable margin
● Flexibility for the loan repayment

We also provide the people buying their first apartment with a smaller down-payment of 10%.
When the deal is being finalised, you only need to pay the deposit to be agreed with the bank (typically, it is about 15% of the debt-free price).

It is best to discuss financing as soon as possible. Choosing an apartment is easier when you have a preliminary decision regarding financing. By filling out an Aktia loan application, you are moved to the fast lane to the benefits our Newil&Bau customers enjoy.