An elegantly harmonious overall impression that is complemented by the warmth and cosyness of wood. Timeless and classic. As a light look that contains cool tones of white and grey, it is the lightest one of the themes.


Overall look

The fresh and white Classic suits many interior design styles. The white is also an excellent canvas for playing with other colours. The wardrobes and walls are painted with the same white.




The light grey doors in the kitchen have been treated with a dull, durable paint. The kitchen counter is made of monochrome compact laminate chosen to complement the colour of the door. Selecting the additional feature of a quartz top with a faint marble pattern gives the kitchen more depth.




The beautiful and matte marble-patterned dry press tiles provide the space with a luxurious atmosphere. The light grey fittings and chrome-plated details supplement the marble pattern and create a gorgeous overall impression.


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