Meander topping-out ceremony was held – architect Steven Holl participated in the festivities.

Construction work on Newil & Bau’s Meander residential building is progressing on schedule, and the building has reached its topping-out ceremony. The magnificent shape of the building and its rising roof are beginning to take form. The father of Meander’s design, American architect Steven Holl, participated in the topping-out ceremony.

Meander, located in Töölönlahti, has achieved its topping-out ceremony. Currently, the courtyard deck is being poured, on top of which garden-like courtyard areas will be created.

“It’s a pleasure to see that the winning design of the architectural competition held in 2006 has progressed to the topping-out ceremony. The building gradually rises from within the urban block towards the sea view, giving shape to the courtyard garden areas. It creates a spiritual connection between the garden areas and the sea view,” describes Steven Holl.

“The construction work of Meander is proceeding according to the planned schedule,” says Newil & Baun’s CEO, Petri Ylivuori. “The highest section of the building, the cast-in-place concrete structure of staircase A, reaching over 35 meters in height, was completed just in time for the topping-out ceremony. The structural work is also progressing in the B and C sections of the building. In the fall, the construction of the glass facade framing the wooden facade will begin, and there will be a balcony zone available to residents between the facades,” Ylivuori explains the progress of the construction work.


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The interior work at Meander is progressing step by step, with the most advanced work taking place in staircase A, where the first furniture installations will begin shortly. Starting in September, customers will have the opportunity to explore two show apartments that exude design and attention to detail.

Meander and its 117 apartments will be completed in September 2024. Are you dreaming of living at Meander? It’s still possible because a few apartments are still available.

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