The architecturally ambitious residential block by Ted Schauman and Newil&Bau has been completed in Lehtisaari

Described as a “hidden gem,” the block complex designed by award-winning architect Ted Schauman in collaboration with Schauman Architects has been completed in Helsinki’s Lehtisaari. There are still a few apartments available, so book your visit now.

Consisting of five apartment buildings and 114 design homes, this meticulously planned complex creatively adds a new dimension to the city of Helsinki. The new block’s design language respects the old housing stock of Lehtisaari, based on the plan made in 1959 by Olli Kivinen, by bringing modern urban imagery alongside the old. The last of the five buildings in the block, two identical small apartment buildings named Lehtisaaren Terassi, have been completed. The Terassi, comprising 30 apartments and their surrounding courtyards, is ready to welcome its residents.

“We are excited about the completion of the magnificent Lehtisaari complex. The final phase has been completed on time, and the Grand Opening event for residents will be held on Friday, November 24,” says Petri Ylivuori, CEO of Newil&Bau.


Lehtisaaren Terassi keittiö


The Terassi forms its own courtyard and gains a unique appearance thanks to the special features of its brick facade structure and Copenhagen-style balconies. The two buildings of Terassi stand out as their own entity within the block, separated by a beautiful flood route for stormwater between the plots.

Lehtisaaren Terassi continues Newil&Bau’s tradition of comprehensive planning philosophy, which includes ambitious architecture and detailed planning extending to courtyard areas, common spaces, apartments, and eco-friendliness. Resident services, managed through the N&B application, complete the N&B living experience. Terassi’s amenities include a remote workspace, a residents’ lounge, a laundry room, a bike maintenance station, a shared electric car, and loanable city bikes.


Lehtisaaren Terassin aula



Lehtisaaren Terassi is environmentally friendly in terms of energy and heating solutions, as it uses geothermal and solar energy, in addition to using energy-efficient building materials. The building’s carbon footprint has been reduced by over 50% compared to a similarly constructed conventional apartment building.

“We are really satisfied with the outcome for Lehtisaaren Terassi as well. Our goal is to create the most fascinating housing products in the industry, characterized by comprehensive and detailed planning, where living is affordable, ecological, and easy. Terassi fulfils all these. I believe that the good price-quality ratio of our products explains why sales have been strong in this project as well, even in a difficult market situation,” concludes Petri Ylivuori.


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