Designing your
Newil&Bau Home

The Newil&Bau homes are holistically designed to the finest detail. You only need to select your preferred interior concept from the options. To make life easier, you can choose your own upgrades and features according to your needs.

Choosing your home and planning the interior design

● After selecting  your apartment, it is time to design the interior

● The overall look of the apartment: choose the overall look you want for your apartment, the colour scheme of the walls and wardrobes, and the parquet style from three different options.

● Kitchen: choose your own from 4 colour options and if you wish you can upgrade your kitchen with additional stone levels

● Bathroom: choose your own from 4 colour options and, if desired, an additional wash tower or mirror cabinet

● After you have made the selections, you can see an overview of your choices. If you are buying the apartment with the flexible N&B Mortgage, you will also be presented with an estimate of your monthly payment. After this, you can reserve the apartment or, if the apartment has already been reserved, join the queue.

Choose the color of your walls and wardropes


Choose a parquet style
Plank parquet


Chevron parquet


herringbone parquet


Smarthome package


Additional options
Smarthome package 
Choose your kitchen look


Additional options
Stone countertop


Stone countertops
Choose a bathroom look


Additional options



Homes designed by an interior architect

The Newil&Bau interior design concepts are designed by an interior architect to meet the needs of people. Thanks to the balanced nature and compatible materials of concepts, we can provide homes that are designed with a comprehensive and detail-oriented approach that makes the homes look beautiful and feel fresh, even after decades.


Harmony and warmth

An elegantly harmonious overall impression, to which wood brings warmth and coziness. Timeless and classic. Bright, cool shades of white and gray; the lightest of the themes.

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Powerful elegance

From the same points of view, stylish as Classic, but more edges have been introduced. Full-bodied and brave. The combination of organic wood and black creates contrasts.

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Warm Sand

More warm colours have been included in this concept. Natural and soft. Beige shades and warm wood.

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Cosy Colours

Characterful and colourful. The overall impression remains calm and balanced with professional design. A cozy combination of green and beige with warmth and natural tones.

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Additional Alteration Work

Holistically designed homes

However, if you wish for other alterations to your home, it is possible to plan them after the home transactions, by a deadline set for each property.

Additional Alteration Work